The original VW car

WHAT thats crazy! i could only imagine bombing down a steep hill in this little car haha


When a Box is More than Just a Box?

hahah this is pretty dope! All houses should come equip with stuff like this I wouldn’t mind having one of these super cut boxes

mecc interiors | design bites

Upon looking at this image, what would you think it was?  When is a “box” more than just a “box?”  When its name is Boxetti.

Boxetti is designed by Rolands Landsbergs and “is driven by three (3) basic design principles – functionality, advanced technologies, and contemporary aesthetics of minimalism.”  Consisting of five (5) modules, the collection aims to “obtain an unobstructed and comfortable space – free of uselessness.”

Perhaps one of the most common complaints about small space dwellings relates to kitchens, their size, and the lack of space and functionality.  Boxetti Lunch is an island-like kitchen that features flip-up counters and all kinds of hidden gems.  There are cutting boards, areas for knifes and other storage, fold-out doors and drawers, and built-in appliances, not to mention a recycling centre and kitchen sink!  Sliding surfaces feature safety mechanisms to prevent closure when a hand or other object obstructs the…

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