The original VW car

WHAT thats crazy! i could only imagine bombing down a steep hill in this little car haha


When a Box is More than Just a Box?

hahah this is pretty dope! All houses should come equip with stuff like this I wouldn’t mind having one of these super cut boxes

mecc interiors | design bites

Upon looking at this image, what would you think it was?  When is a “box” more than just a “box?”  When its name is Boxetti.

Boxetti is designed by Rolands Landsbergs and “is driven by three (3) basic design principles – functionality, advanced technologies, and contemporary aesthetics of minimalism.”  Consisting of five (5) modules, the collection aims to “obtain an unobstructed and comfortable space – free of uselessness.”

Perhaps one of the most common complaints about small space dwellings relates to kitchens, their size, and the lack of space and functionality.  Boxetti Lunch is an island-like kitchen that features flip-up counters and all kinds of hidden gems.  There are cutting boards, areas for knifes and other storage, fold-out doors and drawers, and built-in appliances, not to mention a recycling centre and kitchen sink!  Sliding surfaces feature safety mechanisms to prevent closure when a hand or other object obstructs the…

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My face is a white canvas..

trippy but so dope!


An excellent series of self-portraits by young photographer Andy Alcala, which consists of face paintings based on the works of iconic artists, creating a smashing response in the art community.

In a series he calls “Face Artists”, he has repainted famous paintings on his own face in a fantastic display. “This series of images was created to show art at face value,  It was also a way to put a face to the artists of many of the famous works of art that have been made. I’ve had to take a few art history courses during my time in college so I figured I would use the past as part of my future.” – Andy Alcala

Good painting is the kind that looks like sculpture.Michelangelo

I see art in the mirror
Dissected artists
The person i Know best
Clown Portraits

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Light painted dresses

How cool is that, i never new you can be so talented with light


Creative photography by Atton Conrad, a London-based advertising and art photographer.

“It was the Futures Light’ story in 125 Magazine where he light painted dresses on to models that the development of his light painting techniques began. They were further honed on the international Hennessy print Campaign ‘Blended with Talent’ for Louis Vitton Moet Hennessy after his switch to art and advertising, a more fertile arena for the techniques.

The process is an intensly visceral one, almost a dance with light, as he physically paints the subject with light brushes in a blackout studio whilst remote triggering the camera.”

When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat. Ronald Reagan

Light Painting, Almost Lysergic
Cardboard clothes
Balloon dresses
Enlightened Souls
Man, star & Moon
Oh my galaxy

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Gary Coates

Motion Picture Color Finisher Gary Coates on May 9, 2012 attend my school (San Francisco Art Institute – California) and just put on an amazing and sick FCP color correction demonstration. i have been using FCP for a long time and other editing software programs to make and edits and what not! Anyways, watching him do his demonstration on color correcting films really showed me how important it to have the colors all dial in perfect to your liking. because, i never really knew that slightest slightest Color/Hue/Saturation could have the biggest impact on your clips.