New X-games street corse design


California Rampworks really newest design for this year’s X Games street course is going to be insane!!! They recently started building what looks like every riders dream, a  school with the perfect set up its has a chunk curved wallride and a random flagpole.  I so hyped to see who’s gonna be shredding this corse once its complete!


Gary Coates

Motion Picture Color Finisher Gary Coates on May 9, 2012 attend my school (San Francisco Art Institute – California) and just put on an amazing and sick FCP color correction demonstration. i have been using FCP for a long time and other editing software programs to make and edits and what not! Anyways, watching him do his demonstration on color correcting films really showed me how important it to have the colors all dial in perfect to your liking. because, i never really knew that slightest slightest Color/Hue/Saturation could have the biggest impact on your clips.

Garrett Reynolds stayin on top!

The results are in for what might have been the best, most progressive contest of 2012. Everyone riding looked like they were having a blast and there were so many wild moves & NBD’s that went down. John Hicks was in the house to cover the event for TCU, so be on the look out for his edit to pop up soon. Big shoutout to Chad Kerley, Brian Kachinsky & Vitaminwater for putting on an awesome contest.

Obstacle 1: (red/blue rails)
1st- Garrett Reynolds
2nd- Alex Kennedy
3rd- Rob Wise

Obstacle 2: (green rail & box)
1st- Garrett Reynolds
2nd- Stevie Churchill
3rd- Sean Sexton

Obstacle 3: (the island)
1st- Garrett Reynolds
2nd- Rob Wise
3rd- Stevie Churchill

Obstacle 4: (new railhop, winner takes all)
Stevie Churchill

Overall Rider of the Day:
Garrett Reynolds

Hey BAYGAME supporters!

Hey everyone we are currently trying out a new blog for our baygame fans to finds all there baygame needs.  our current web page is still up and running fine feel free to still check it out  if all goes well with this new blog idea then we will convert our full site here so be sure to keep updated on our blog progress.