Bottom's Up

Peach Schnapps, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Small amount of blue curacao and another couple small splases of  grenadine syrup is all you need to create this very unusual delicious drink!


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  1. I’m definitely wondering how this would taste, it seems like a wide range of flavors to be all in 1 shot. Definitely looks great in photos. I have a feeling that if you’re making this yourself then it would probably need to be an early drink, i don’t know how accurate the look will be after having a few drinks haha.

  2. This drink looks hell gross!!! I guess looks can be deceiving, but I can’t image ordering this a bar. You should order a “Beautiful” next time your at bar. It’s half Hennessy and Grand Marnier. It’s also makes for a great pick up line….. Would you like a “Beautiful”, beautful?

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